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Happy Tails App: Ashton by TaytoTott Happy Tails App: Ashton by TaytoTott
My app for :iconhappy-tails: I'm so excited for this group!!!! Ahhh!!


Name: Ashton Daughtry 

Age: 23 years old

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8" 

Job: Makeup artist

Partner: Mitsuyo (YunisuAizawa's Siberian Husky, he's a beautiful boy. GO LOOK AT HIM) [HT] - Mitsuyo by YunisuAizawa

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual


:bulletpink: Cool and Classy :bulletpink:

Ashton has a fondness for keeping things classy and professional. She doesn't only use this in the workplace, but in her general life. She's not one to get her feathers ruffled; in fact, her cool demeanor in the face of adversity throws people off sometimes. She doesn't tolerate people who like to stir up trouble and she's not afraid to say something, but she will do it in a mature manner. 

:bulletpink: Humorous :bulletpink:

If there's anything Ashton likes, it's a good laugh. To her, there's no point in being down or angry all the time. Smiling and laughing are great releases for Ashton, and she does her best not to show her hurt or anger, but even she slips up now and again. She's only human, after all. But tell her a good joke--cheesy or not--and she'll more than likely laugh! She tends to find humor in things that people usually wouldn't. She also loves to try to make people laugh, but her jokes tend to be cheesy at times.

:bulletpink: High Maintenance :bulletpink: 

What girl isn't in their own way? For Ashton, "high maintenance" for her is cleanliness, looking professional and having the best quality things (at least things that are worth her money and will go a long way). Ashton doesn't find herself to be superior, and doesn't act like it, but there are just some things in her life that she just wants to be done her way and her way alone. 

:bulletpink: Laid Back :bulletpink:

Ashton doesn't let too much get under her skin. It takes a lot to make her feel offended or insulted. She just doesn't care. People will say what they will say, and if she knows it's not true, it's not Ashton's problem. She's also not a worrywart and can maintain a level head when others can't. Sexual orientation means nothing to her; she just loves everyone. 

:bulletpink: Dramatic :bulletpink:

It was bound to happen. While Ashton isn't exactly a PART of drama when she can avoid it, she can over-exaggerate and can get very, VERY animated when telling a story. And she can make something like stubbing a toe seem like she had gotten shot. Guess being a part of theater in high school really affected her. 


Ashton is a single child. Both of her parents worked when she was a child, so a lot of the time, Ashton was with a nanny who looked after her. Ashton believes that it was because of Miss Britney that she didn't grow up to be one of those snobby single kids and actually learned some manners, which in the end, helped her make friends. To this day, Ashton swears that if her parents had raised her on their own, she would have been a completely different person. Ashton had always wanted a dog to play with, since it was sometimes lonely without any siblings to play with, but her parents always rejected the very idea. Ashton's mother was very clean and liked to keep the house orderly, so animals were a no go. It didn't stop Ashton from asking for a puppy every birthday and every Christmas. She became interested in theater when she was twelve and tried out for every play in school. She was happy to be a part of it, no matter how minor the role, because it got her away from home and she got to meet new people. 

When she turned eighteen, Ashton was dared by her friends to get a tattoo since her parents were such sticks-in-the-mud. Ashton nearly turned them down, but felt rebellious and got her first tattoo on the right side of her back near her shoulder. It wasn't a large tattoo, but it was still a tattoo, and when it was discovered, her parents were furious. That escalated into a full-on verbal war; words were thrown and feelings were hurt. As soon as she graduated, Ashton took the money she had earned from her job as a salon receptionist and set out to fulfill her own dreams and lead her own life. It didn't happen right away that Ashton became a makeup artist. She had to work for her license and to work for her license, she had to work in general. Ashton worked hard to become someone different and to separate herself from her parents.  It was a lonely time for her, not really having too much time to go out and meet too many people.

But once Ashton had earned her license and had worked at a cosmetic store for some time, she moved on to someplace different, and that someplace ended up being Pawsville. She was excited to start anew and make everyone's beauty shine. 

:bulletpink: Extra Info :bulletpink:

:bulletpurple: Ashton is extremely allergic to peanut butter. She found out the hard way when she was about fifteen and had to be rushed to the hospital. So she has to be very careful about what she consumes. 

:bulletpurple: She likes to stand like Wonder Woman sometimes. She had read somewhere that it boosts your confidence or something, so now she applies it to her life. Really, she's just a big nerd. 

:bulletpurple: She LOVES big dogs. She wants a dog that she can cuddle, play with and feel safe with. And they're just awesome. But she does love dogs in general (if she didn't, I don't think she'd even be here). 

:bulletpurple: She's got three piercings on both of her ears. 

:bulletpurple: Ashton started her own makeup vlog. She's known as the "Kabuki Queen" on there and is so far successful with it. Her biggest thing is to encourage girls and women that they have the power to be who they want to be and that they have the option to choose for themselves no matter what. 

:iconhappy-tails: (c) :icontea-why:
Ashton Daughtry (c) :icontaytotott:
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